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uncorked! summer wine festival 2017

Uncorked! is a customized, outdoor wine experience aimed at bringing people together to unwind, network, mingle, and, most importantly, have a ton of fun!  The event takes place outdoors under the glorious Bermuda sunset, and the party will last until the stars come out and the moon reflects over the Hamilton harbor. Our venue provides shaded trees, sculptures, and benches so that you can watch the boats cruise by, or just enjoy the beauty Bermuda has to offer. Plus, it is considered one of the top spots where you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Yes, we serve wine, but Uncorked! is really about having people who might not necessarily bump into each other, well....bump into each other. The thing about social change is that everyone wants it, but no one really knows how to make it happen. Wine is so much easier, and has always been paired with fun, laughter, and communication. I guess you could say that Uncorked! is changing the world one glass at a time. We really just want to put all people into one place and let ‘em love each other!

Uncorked! supports the community by donating part of our proceeds to local charities. This summer,
The Family Centre will be the receiving charity, and for good reason!


The Family Centre is an internationally accredited Bermuda charity. Founded in 1990, TFC has provided early intervention services to children who were suffering from family based problems such as abuse, neglect, and other emotional challenges. Through their specialized programs and prevention initiatives, they provide families with the skills they need to be successful, and to sustain that success for future generations. The scope of Family Centre’s work is island-wide, as their services are available to any Bermuda resident that meets the criteria and requires the support.

Uncorked! donates all profits from games and up to 10% of ticket sales to the Selected Charity.


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